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  • Large-scale foreign publicity to attract foreign buyers : Welding Incheon Korea 2021, as international exhibition, will actively induce foreign leading companies to participate and thus provide a place where local and foreign technologies can be compared. We will hold presentational meeting, and participate in the other exhibition from Feb. ‘06 in China and South-East Asia. Also we will do our best to attract Chinese and Southeast foreign buyers to join the show, so that this will become the international welding show and further contribute to stronger national competitiveness and corporate competitiveness.
  • 사진을클릭하시면확정할수있습니다. 사진을클릭하시면확정할수있습니다. 사진을클릭하시면확정할수있습니다. 사진을클릭하시면확정할수있습니다.
    2018 China Essen Exhibition 2018 China Weldex Exhibition 2010 Japan Tokyo Welding Show 2018 India Monbay
  • Regular PR & Advertisement through the press and journal : Regular PR & exhibition news through local economic and technology journal, we will attract participating companies and introduce participants and their products so as to secure local and foreign marketing market and create a market. We will try best to attract Chinese & foreign companies buyers through the advertisement in monthly magazines issued in China and through continued publicity efforts in local magazines.

  • PR Media : MBC(broadcasting), Monthly Machinery Journal, Tools journal, Metal Network Korea(magazine), Steel Structure Technology Monthly, Welding Equipment Enterprises Korea, High-tech Journal, Process Control Instrumentation Technology Monthly Magazine, Monthly New Product Information

  • Send local & foreign show directory, invitation and Invite working-level workers : We will send invitation card and exhibition's data to invite workers in welding technique, welding materials, laser cutting equipments, raw subsidiary, materials etc, and press and media industry people in order to maximize the effect of "Welding Incheon Korea 2009." Also we make an effort to advertise participating companies by introducing them in monthly magazine, Metal Network Korea which also receives a registry of exhibition participation.

  • In-advance registration of visitors : We will receive a pre-registration to offer the convenience and information of exhibition for visitors. Therefore, we will reduce the difficulties of admission registration in the entrance at exhibition hall. We will keep up our effort of worldwide publicity via http://www.welder.or.kr, and receive a registration via http://www.metalkorea.or.kr, local metal search engine, throughout the year.
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