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Come to the New Welding Market in the Northeast Asia , the center of Pacific region!
Do you want to be a leading player in Korean Welding, Cutting & Laser Equipments markets?
Take the chance in "The 6th International Welding, Cutting & Laser Equipments Industrial Exhibition Incheon Korea" (iWELDEX 2019)
Incheon Korea province are traditionally the center of automobile, iron & steel, Metal Working, Assembly Metal, ship, harbor and construction industries and have a heavy weight in Korean economy.

As Incheon Korea province are traditionally an important place for automobile Assembly, iron & steel, Metal Working, ship, harbor and construction industries. the regions are the best place for the welding industry, one of country¡¯s major infrastructure industries, .

You can meet new products that are environment-friendly and automatic-oriented in the 'Welding Incheon Korea 2019' from June. 12 ~ 14, 2019.
Also, you can meet buyers, manufacturer and distributor with a strong purchasing power. which may be directly connected with your sales results in welding facilities, materials and cutting equipments and etc.
List Exhibitors of iWELDEX 2016 ......................................Total List
TOPS Co., Ltd. : CNC Waterjet Cutting Machines(90§³, 10Booth)
Autowel : TIG, MIG, CO2, Plasema Welding Equipment(72§³, 10Booth)
IL Deung Tech : Pipe Bevelling Machine(27§³ 3Booth)
Mag Switch Korea: Auto Welding magswitch(9§³ 1Booth)
Arin Co., Ltd: Welding Space ARM, Carrear(18§³ 2Booth)
Woo&Lee Ltd : IGBT, SCR Welding Ele Parts(9§³ 1Booth)
ShinWoo Industru: Fasteners, HELI-COIL, SUS fastener(9§³ 1Booth)
HyunDai ENG: Welding & Laser System chiller(18§³ 2Booth)
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The participation application enterprise and participation wants the enterprise which knock-down receiving Micro-Word 2000 to draw up a below-mentioned data, the Mar 30, 2019 until the E-mail: or the Fax (+82-41-675-0280) with it sends to The 6th Welding Incheon Korea 2019 Secretariat Bureau and staring route it wishes.
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