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The Korea is established with the 1992 the monthly magazine company which publishes the magazine of 3 type and (Monthly publication [Foundry, Forging and heat treatment] & monthly publication [Production Processing Technique] and Monthly publication [Fastener & Wire journal]).
The Metal Network Korea Company published the monthly[Foundry, Forging and heat treatment] Magazine joint of 1992 Japan the monthly magazine "Foundry, Forging and heat treatment Korea".

With 1992 magazine publishes, it sponsor 1993 year Foundry, Forging and heat treatment exhibition initially the organizer. Starts a 2000 year, New expo name Thermo Process and Metal, Metallurgy Korea Exhibition(International Heat treatment Technology, Refractory, Furnace, Surface Finishing and metal, Foundry, Forging and Nonmetal, Diecasing Industry Equipment Exhibition)
Korea Head Office of Organizer
Company Name Metal Network Korea Company
 Industry Journal News Co., Ltd.
Business Line
  • Monthly Parts
     Metal Network Korea for Monthly Journal
     Welding Korea of Monthly Journal
     Marine & Shipbuilding for Monthly Journal
     Metal Working Korea for Monthly Journal
  • Exhibition Parts
      iWELDEX 2018(Welding Incheon Korea 2018)
     The 10th Metal & Metallurgy Korea 2018
     Metal Working Korea 2018
     GWELDEX 2019(Welding Gunsan Korea 2019)
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